Cost reduction, production optimization and labor efficiencies through smart technology

Free Virtual Roundtable: 27 October 2020
Summit: 15 April 2021, Chicago, Illinois

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What does the Smart Manufacturing for Automotive Summit cover?

The automotive sector is facing ongoing pressure from tightening margins and increasing competition, which is driving automotive manufacturers to optimize manufacturing processes and streamline their operations.

Subsequently, Automotive Manufacturers are focusing their efforts on identifying and selecting emerging technology to achieve their strategic goals.

Automotive OEM’s and contractors have already begun to take advantage of Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing, IoT devices, connected machinery and data-driven operations as a way of transforming their operations into something more automated, efficient and cost-effective.

Whilst the benefits of technology are clear; automotive manufacturers must bridge the gap between IT and OT and ensure they can seamlessly deploy and integrate new technologies with current processes without disrupting production.

Format explained:

  • Keynote presentation focused on macro issues and the future of the industry 
  • Thirty roundtable think-tank discussions to choose from with six different opportunities 
  • Five different themes including strategy, leadership, technology, safety and collaboration 
  • Five pre-scheduled face-to-face meeting sessions between vendors and delegates open to every operator 
  • Panel discussion featuring our roundtable think-tank leaders to summarize the day and answer questions from the audience 
  • Networking drinks reception open to everyone

With this in mind; we will unite smart manufacturing specialists from leading automotive manufacturers across the US, enabling you to:

Forecast future trends and leverage automotive smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 technology

Define, develop and execute a smart manufacturing roadmap

Deploy and integrate new technologies within existing processes

Select and implement cyber security and risk management strategies to protect operations

Build the business case and obtain funding for trials and full-scale projects

Assess availability and capability of internal skill sets and resources to facilitate the implementation of new technology

Achieve new levels of productivity, performance, flexibility, efficiency and quality through automation

Reduce overheads, operating and capital costs to increase profitability

Lead change across the entire organisation

Exploit IoT, Advanced Analytics, AI and ML technology to achieve business drivers

Who will you connect with at the Smart Manufacturing for Automotive Summit?

VP’s, Directors, Global Heads and Managers of:

  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Analytics
  • Digital Manufacturing
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • IoT & Connected Devices
  • Data, AI & ML
  • Plant Management & Operations
  • Emerging Technology
  • Smart Factories
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Manufacturing IT
  • Digital Transformation
  • Production
  • Manufacturing Automation
  • Robotics

Technology & Solution Providers:

  • IoT Platforms
  • Location Detection Technologies
  • Advanced Human-Machine Interfaces
  • Cyber Security, Authentication and Fraud Detection
  • 3D Printin
  • Smart Sensors
  • Big Data & Analytics, AI and Machine Learning
  • Augmented Reality & Wearables
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Devices
  • Integrators

What is unique about the Smart Manufacturing for Automotive Summit?

Moving away from the typical presentation heavy conference model, we have flipped it on its head. Our events still offer services for learning, networking and sales opportunities but with keynote presentations designed to set the scene, and a strong focus on collaborative discussions to support them.

This allows our attendees to hear expert case studies, but also create their own agenda prior to the event and seek out those golden nuggets of information that often go un-answered. by putting their problems on the table and working through them as a group with their peers, competitors and partners.


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