Siddharthan Selvasekar

Additive Manufacturing Research Engineer

Ford Motor Company


Siddharthan Selvasekar is a research engineer at Ford, specializing in additive manufacturing & DfAM. Throughout his 6 years with the company, he has developed numerous additive manufacturing design solutions that are both cost-effective and performance optimized. Sid has a passion for innovation and pushing the boundary of what is possible, having around 20 patents in the field. He has received two awards for his engineering work from Ford and is regarded as a Subject Matter Expert at Ford for additive design. Based out of Ford’s Silicon Valley lab, Sid has collaborated with several West Coast universities and emerging AM startups. He has worked with most mainstream AM technologies and has a fundamental understanding of the challenges AM faces for implementation in the automotive industry along with what it takes to break down those barriers for adoption. Outside of his job, Sid is an avid traveler and part-time graduate student with Penn State University.

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