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Manufacturing Outlook

Manufacturing Outlook

Manufacturing Outlook is a leading business and technology magazine. Manufacturing Outlook is a guide for organizations that are looking to embark on a path that leads to improved functional efficiency. We strive to provide a platform that… Read more »

Auto Tech Outlook

Auto Tech Outlook

Auto Tech Outlook is one of a kind knowledge platform that brings to its audience insider information from the automotive industry. Auto Tech Outlook was born out of the ambition to bring about a peer-to-peer learning approach… Read more »



Augmentir is a leading provider of digital learning solutions for industrial companies. Augmentir’s suite of AI-powered connected worker tools helps industrial companies deliver effective skills management, training, collaboration, and on the job support for today’s more dynamic,… Read more »

KCF Technologies

KCF Technologies, Inc. is a rapidly growing technology company founded in 2000 by three Penn State University researchers, driven to advance American innovation through a unique combination of technology and people. KCF identifies machine health problems and… Read more »


HighByte is an industrial software company in Portland, Maine building solutions that address the data architecture and integration challenges created by Industry 4.0. We’ve developed the first DataOps solution purpose-built to meet the unique requirements of industrial assets, products, processes, and systems at the Edge. Learn… Read more »

ADI OtoSense

ADI OtoSense condition-based monitoring AI platform monitors asset health and identifies anomalies early for corrective action. This quality control platform leverages your own domain experts to give meaning to raw sensor data. Asset behaviors, whether normal and… Read more »

Banner Engineering

Every day, thousands of times a day, in locations all around the world, products from Banner Engineering are used to solve challenging problems and achieve automation goals. Founded by Bob Fayfield in 1966, Banner Engineering began as… Read more »

Hexagon Canada

Hexagon is a global leader in sensor, software and autonomous solutions. We are putting data to work to boost efficiency, productivity, and quality across industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure, safety, and mobility applications. Our technologies are shaping urban and… Read more »

ifm efector

ifm efector, is a world leader in the manufacturing of sensors and controls for the automotive industry.  Our mission is to increase reliability and operational efficiency through the use of smart sensor technology in manufacturing equipment. Ifm… Read more »


SICK is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of sensors, safety systems, machine vision, encoders and automatic identification products for industrial applications. With more than 1,000 patents, SICK continues to lead the industry in new product innovations…. Read more »